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Software Development

Java programming

Learning from bad examples: javax.swing.border.Border

Java - Basic Annotations for Higher Software Quality

There are already a lot of annotations on the market to allow more precise specifications and to support automatic checking. The annotations that will be presented here can be used alone or together with the annotations from JSR305. However, they are experimental until they have proven their benefit over a longer period of time.

A free download of short articles and a small Java archive with corresponding qualifiers is planned until November 1st 2014.

Learning & Curiosity

Fast Fourier Image Transform Exploration program

Check out how the frequency magnitude and phase spectrum of a moving rectangle, triangle or oval looks like. Change width and height of the shape with a slider and watch how the spectrums change. Switch anti aliasing of the shape drawing on and off. Change between no window function and a Hann window.

The program requires an installed Java 7 or higher on your computer. You get a simple jar-file. Put it anywhere on your computer and double click it to start.

Free download for non-commercial or restricted commercial use: Watch license and download

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